I also said some stuff that wasn’t stupid or flip, like (and these mimic parallels others have drawn, but I’ve never specifically heard them) how the right wants to protect kids before they’re born, but doesn’t want to help them get day care, pre-k or Special K once they’re popped.

Wait, that one sounds familiar. I’m like the George Harrison of political plagiarism. I THOUGHT I originated the thing, but didn’t. At least I’m man enough to admit it. No “This Song” from me.

But how about this one?

The opposition is opposed to regulating medical care for the borned, yet fetus-touching regulations are all the rage in regressive statehouses throughout this purple-mountained land.


Are there even any purple mountains in the United S of A? Anywhere?

Jesus, these guys can’t stop lying.

Here I am busting this purple mountain thing wide open and all the media can see is a guy who wants to get rich and hasn’t read the entire Constitution.

Not in English, anyway.


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