Shit, I’m giddy in that way you get when you’re stressed and embarrassed and seemingly deprived of oxygen. When you become sillier and sillier in vain hope of salvaging dignity through abandon, but desperation is all that comes through.

I don’t even know anymore if my sense of what happened in that meeting was true. But no matter how stupid I was to go it alone, cutting out my staff had one benefit. I’m pretty sure nobody contacted the press. Thus I was merely a lunkheaded tree in a constituent forest. No one will ever know I was there.

SECOND lucky layer of protection: Obama helicoptered into Brooklyn at the same time, swinging into Prospect Park like Sinatra in a Jack Benny special. The press would much rather cover an embattled president eating cheesecake than little, old me. Ooh, I think this girl recognizes me. She’s coming toward me and smiling.

“No. I don’t need a drink.”


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