I mean, it was an accident I got elected last time, a joke almost. Not my joke, but the joke of the people who put me up for office after I made that video, the first thing I ever did that went viral. At least I thought it went viral. Now I realize it went bacterial and I’m the one who got sepsis or peritonitis or whatever it is you get when you’re overrun with bacteria.

See? I don’t even know THAT, really. It’s all references where I’m concerned. It sounds like I know something, even to me, but there’s no depth to my understanding.

And that’s what happened with this CONGRESS thing. I thought I could do it because I have strong feelings, but there’s a whole process you have to work and I don’t have a work ethic, I have a craft ethic. I’ll spend as much time as necessary – ’til I lose interest, anyway – if I come up with some wild notion or other, but the nuts and bolts of anything is beyond me.

I tried to explain that to Henry about a week later as we walked through a wood shack World’s Fair from the ’30s in the distant regions of Loudoun County, part of his one-man mission to save me and the institution I’d been ruining. He said my self-awareness meant I WAS equipped for the job, that the tea party lunatics who’d commandeered our process were the true passionate incompetents, the ones who didn’t know what they were doing but thought they did, whose belief in belief itself, stemming from an ignorant misreading of religious faith, trumped fact and threatened the existence of society more than Islamic terrorists or my lazy-ass bohemianism ever could.

But I just wanted to know about this wood shack World’s Fair. What the hell was this? How did this happen? Why did it smell so good? Was somebody cooking something Russian?


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