A makeup man attempted to cover a bruise on my face, but the segment producer insisted there was no time for perfection and I should get to the set. “Are the other panelists here?” I asked, while being pushed toward some chairs.

“Just you,” she said, as a hot light went on above us and commenced to cook me like an Easy-Bake minicake. Gretchen Carlson, the anchor of the hour, asked what I, as a newer member of Congress, made of the tide of departures from the body. I started to answer but she cut me off.

“Forgive me, there’s some breaking news we have to report. A Pew study released today indicates 47% of independent voters would consider Benghazi when deciding…”

It doesn’t matter what she said. It was “Benghazi” again.

“This is breaking news?” I asked a PA, who just shrugged.

“Sorry for the interruption. We were addressing what a new arrival like yourself makes of the decision some lawmakers have made…”

The baking light went out again and I knew what to expect. Every time I was close to answering a question, I got cut off in favor of something else. It wasn’t until the segment was over that I realized what they were up to.

“We’re sorry we weren’t able to interview Congressman Lederer. Then again, he’s yet to speak in the House, so maybe it’s fitting he didn’t get to speak here.”


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