I was a little annoyed when Fox gave some of the other guys a limo after the panel was canceled, but not me. I asked retiring reps Jim Matheson and Frank Wolf for a lift but maybe they didn’t hear me, so I had to take the Metro, that crumbling, Washington subway which never ceases to frustrate me. Maybe that’s why I was in a mood when I got back to the Capitol.

On the mall, there was one of those small, scary, right wing protests that always get overcovered in the media, leading to more power for slime-covered mutants than the none they deserve. One of the speakers was droning on about “Democrat this and Democrat senator so and so” in that way GOPers have of refusing to use the name of our party correctly for fear it will imply we’re more democratic than they are (which, of course, we are).

I walked up to the guy and said, “The name of our party is the Democratic party. Our senators are “‘Democratic’ senators and our initiatives are ‘Democratic’ ones. Calling someone a “Democrat senator” has a touch of the epithet about it, as if, when you tell your Klanmates about this, you refer to me as a ‘Jew bastard,’ when, properly, I am a “Jewish bastard’.”

He punched me.


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