I wonder, do I want to you to know I’m in a bar, in Williamsburg, drinking away my embarrassment over the town hall? Look, I think Nate did a good job representing my district (I still can’t write “my district” without shaking), but he was from a different era and his death was so sudden, likewise my replacing him, that I haven’t had time to replace his staff.

And they are not, with me, simpatico.

Sakes alive, I’m not confused about what I believe. Why do I need someone whispering in my ear like I’m Julia Louis-Dreyfus? I once saw Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, presiding over the opening of a department store alone. The mayor of fucking London. No security. No aides except a guy with a clipboard.

And he may have been working for the department store.

So, I did this thing solo. And when they asked what my agenda was, now that I’ve ascended into the legislative sub-heavens, I said, in addition to mentions of a few things I was in favor of, that I’d kind of like to get in on whatever that technically legal corruption is that enables congressmen to get rich.


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